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Here's a list of 100 machine-learning project ideas across various domains and difficulty levels:

Computer Vision Projects:

  1. Image Classification with CNNs.

  2. Object Detection in Images.

  3. Face Recognition.

  4. Handwritten Digit Recognition.

  5. Facial Expression Recognition.

  6. Image Style Transfer.

  7. Content-Based Image Retrieval.

  8. Autonomous Vehicle Lane Detection.

  9. Real-Time Object Tracking.

  10. Document Text Extraction.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Projects:

  1. Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Data.

  2. Chatbot Development.

  3. Text Summarization.

  4. Named Entity Recognition.

  5. Language Translation.

  6. Speech Recognition.

  7. Question-Answering System.

  8. Topic Modeling.

  9. Text Classification.

  10. Fake News Detection.

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