Sept. 19, 2023, 7:10 a.m. | Federico Bianchi

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Introducing PLIP, a foundation model for pathology

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The ongoing AI revolution is bringing us innovations in all directions. OpenAI GPT(s) models are leading the development and showing how much foundation models can actually make some of our daily tasks easier. From helping us write better to streamlining some of our tasks, every day we see new models being announced.

Many opportunities are opening up in front of us. AI products that can help us …

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Staff Research Scientist, AI/ML

@ Chan Zuckerberg Initiative | Redwood City, CA

Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Science

@ Chan Zuckerberg Initiative | Redwood City, California

AI Innovator in Healthcare

@ GAIA AG | Remote, Germany

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

@ Kintsugi | remote

Staff Machine Learning Engineer (Tech Lead)

@ Kintsugi | Remote

R_00029290 Lead Data Modeler – Remote

@ University at Buffalo | Austin, TX