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June 21, 2022, 4:20 a.m. | Jared Bhatti, Zachary Sarah Corleissen, Ben Popper, Ryan Donovan

The Stack Overflow Podcast stackoverflow.blog

We chat with Jared Bhatti and Zachary Sarah Corleissen, two technical writers with deep experience at major tech companies and open source projects, about their approach to documentation and the new book they helped co-author, Doc For Devs. We go deep on the best ways to annotate a codebase for future generations and how to localize explainer content so that it works for teams across multiple regions and languages.

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Machine Learning Researcher - Saalfeld Lab

@ Howard Hughes Medical Institute - Chevy Chase, MD | Ashburn, Virginia

Project Director, Machine Learning in US Health

@ ideas42.org | Remote, US

Data Science Intern

@ NannyML | Remote

Machine Learning Engineer NLP/Speech

@ Play.ht | Remote

Research Scientist, 3D Reconstruction

@ Yembo | Remote, US

Clinical Assistant or Associate Professor of Management Science and Systems

@ University at Buffalo | Buffalo, NY