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Jan. 31, 2022, 12:30 p.m. | Demetrios Brinkmann

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MLOps Coffee Sessions #78 with Erica Greene and Seoyoon Park, Calibration for ML at Etsy - apply() special.

// Abstract

This is a special conversation about Machine Learning calibration at Etsy. Demetrios sat down with Erica Greene and Seoyoon Park to hear about how they implemented Calibration into the Etsy Machine Learning workflow.

The conversation is a pre-chat with these two before their presentation at the apply() conference on February 10th.

Register here: applyconf.com

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Erica Geen

Erica is …

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Data Analytics and Technical support Lead

@ Coupa Software, Inc. | Bogota, Colombia

Data Science Manager

@ Vectra | San Jose, CA

Data Analyst Sr

@ Capco | Brazil - Sao Paulo

Data Scientist (NLP)

@ Builder.ai | London, England, United Kingdom - Remote

Senior Data Analyst

@ BuildZoom | Scottsdale, AZ/ San Francisco, CA/ Remote

Senior Research Scientist, Speech Recognition

@ SoundHound Inc. | Toronto, Canada