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Jan. 26, 2022, 12:06 a.m. | /u/Effective-Victory906

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I am doing my PhD Machine Learning.

I'm an International student, so it's different than an American, visa constraints.

I have M.S Computer Science (Thesis).

Industry Experience: Software Engineer , Data Science, Product Management.

I am wanting a career in research or teaching anywhere in the world.

Please be of support, encouragement, guide me.

I have been feeling isolated, lonely due to lack of family

I have gone through extreme stress due to recent tragic events in my life. …

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Data Analytics and Technical support Lead

@ Coupa Software, Inc. | Bogota, Colombia

Data Science Manager

@ Vectra | San Jose, CA

Data Analyst Sr

@ Capco | Brazil - Sao Paulo

Data Scientist (NLP)

@ Builder.ai | London, England, United Kingdom - Remote

Senior Data Analyst

@ BuildZoom | Scottsdale, AZ/ San Francisco, CA/ Remote

Senior Research Scientist, Speech Recognition

@ SoundHound Inc. | Toronto, Canada