Feb. 13, 2024, 1:33 a.m. | /u/jmack_startups

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# Question

What tools exist today for automated alerting? Do you use them in your core job? Wondering if there have been advances in the space in the last few years? If you do use them then what business function are you running them for.

# My past experience

My team and I built an internal tool for alerting (called Cassandra) in 2016. A business user specified the metric they would like to track and we automatically identified anomalous changes …

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Research Scholar (Technical Research)

@ Centre for the Governance of AI | Hybrid; Oxford, UK

HPC Engineer (x/f/m) - DACH

@ Meshcapade GmbH | Remote, Germany

Data Science Advisor

@ Blue Yonder | Hamburg

Data Analyst

@ Sinch | São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil - Remote

Data Engineer - Híbrido

@ SGS | Callao, Peru

Senior Analytics Engineer Brazil

@ Hiflylabs | Blumenau, Hungary