Nov. 23, 2023, 4:42 a.m. | /u/queen_quarantine

Data Science

Currently adding to my list of hot skills that I should learn now based on my recent job search and looking for notes / additional tools :

- tableu
- snowflake
- go
- kubernetes
- azure

I know these are old but I haven't learned them yet and looking to boost my resume.

- pyspark
- prompt engineering

azure boost datascience edit hot job kubernetes learn list notes resume search skills snowflake them tools

Senior Machine Learning Engineer (MLOps)

@ Promaton | Remote, Europe

Snowflake Analytics Engineer - Technology Sector

@ Winning | Lisbon, Lisbon

Business Data Analyst

@ RideCo | Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Senior Data Scientist, Payment Risk

@ Block | Boston, MA, United States

Research Scientist, Data Fusion (Climate TRACE)

@ WattTime | Remote

Technical Analyst (Data Analytics)

@ Contact Government Services | Fayetteville, AR