June 4, 2024, noon | Kilian Kluge

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ML experiments are, by nature, full of uncertainty and surprises. Small changes can lead to huge improvements, but sometimes, even the most clever tricks don’t yield results. Either way, systematic iteration and exploration are the way to go. This is where things often start getting messy. With the many directions we could take, it’s easy…

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Senior Data Engineer

@ Displate | Warsaw

Solution Architect

@ Philips | Bothell - B2 - Bothell 22050

Senior Product Development Engineer - Datacenter Products

@ NVIDIA | US, CA, Santa Clara

Systems Engineer - 2nd Shift (Onsite)

@ RTX | PW715: Asheville Site W Asheville Greenfield Site TBD , Asheville, NC, 28803 USA

System Test Engineers (HW & SW)

@ Novanta | Barcelona, Spain

Senior Solutions Architect, Energy

@ NVIDIA | US, TX, Remote