Feb. 12, 2024, 5:46 a.m. | Huaiyuan Ying Shuo Zhang Linyang Li Zhejian Zhou Yunfan Shao Zhaoye Fei Yichuan Ma Jiawei Hong

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The math abilities of large language models can represent their abstract reasoning ability. In this paper, we introduce and open-source our math reasoning LLMs InternLM-Math which is continue pre-trained from InternLM2. We unify chain-of-thought reasoning, reward modeling, formal reasoning, data augmentation, and code interpreter in a unified seq2seq format and supervise our model to be a versatile math reasoner, verifier, prover, and augmenter. These abilities can be used to develop the next math LLMs or self-iteration. InternLM-Math obtains open-sourced state-of-the-art …


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