March 14, 2024, 4:48 a.m. | Tom\'a\v{s} Horych, Martin Wessel, Jan Philip Wahle, Terry Ruas, Jerome Wa{\ss}muth, Andr\'e Greiner-Petter, Akiko Aizawa, Bela Gipp, Timo Spinde

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arXiv:2403.07910v1 Announce Type: cross
Abstract: Media bias detection poses a complex, multifaceted problem traditionally tackled using single-task models and small in-domain datasets, consequently lacking generalizability. To address this, we introduce MAGPIE, the first large-scale multi-task pre-training approach explicitly tailored for media bias detection. To enable pre-training at scale, we present Large Bias Mixture (LBM), a compilation of 59 bias-related tasks. MAGPIE outperforms previous approaches in media bias detection on the Bias Annotation By Experts (BABE) dataset, with a relative improvement …

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