Aug. 18, 2023, 11:27 a.m. | /u/Roots91

Machine Learning

[Model Efficiency Challenge](

>A challenge for the community to adapt a foundation model to specific tasks by fine-tuning on a **single GPU** of either 4090 or A100 (40GB) within a **24-hour** (1-day) time frame, while maintaining high accuracy for these desired tasks.

a100 accuracy challenge community fine-tuning foundation foundation model gpu hour machinelearning tasks

Research Scholar (Technical Research)

@ Centre for the Governance of AI | Hybrid; Oxford, UK

HPC Engineer (x/f/m) - DACH

@ Meshcapade GmbH | Remote, Germany

Data Science Advisor

@ Blue Yonder | Hamburg

Data Analyst

@ Sinch | São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil - Remote

Data Engineer - Híbrido

@ SGS | Callao, Peru

Senior Analytics Engineer Brazil

@ Hiflylabs | Blumenau, Hungary