Feb. 9, 2024, 5:42 a.m. | Jost Tobias Springenberg Abbas Abdolmaleki Jingwei Zhang Oliver Groth Michael Bloesch Thomas Lampe Phi

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We show that offline actor-critic reinforcement learning can scale to large models - such as transformers - and follows similar scaling laws as supervised learning. We find that offline actor-critic algorithms can outperform strong, supervised, behavioral cloning baselines for multi-task training on a large dataset containing both sub-optimal and expert behavior on 132 continuous control tasks. We introduce a Perceiver-based actor-critic model and elucidate the key model features needed to make offline RL work with self- and cross-attention modules. Overall, …

actor actor-critic algorithms behavior cloning cs.ai cs.lg cs.ro dataset expert large models laws offline reinforcement reinforcement learning scale scaling show supervised learning training transformers

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