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Sept. 15, 2022, 1:14 a.m. | Clemente Pasti, Andreas Opedal, Tiago Pimentel, Tim Vieira, Jason Eisner, Ryan Cotterell

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The Bar-Hillel construction is a classic result in formal language theory. It
shows, by construction, that the intersection between a context-free language
and a regular language is itself context-free. However, neither its original
formulation (Bar-Hillel et al., 1961) nor its weighted extension (Nederhof and
Satta, 2003) can handle automata with $\epsilon$-arcs. In this short note, we
generalize the Bar-Hillel construction to correctly compute the intersection
even when the automaton contains $\epsilon$-arcs. We further prove that our
generalized construction leads to …

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